AA+ Credit Enterprise Rated by Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd.

Model Unit of CCECS

Gold Medal from China International Patent & Brand Expo

Standing Director of CASSDI

Key Hi-Tech Enterprise of the National Torch Program 

China CI Image Outstanding Unit

National Key High-Tech Enterprise

High-tech Enterprise

EChinese Credit Enterprise (CCECS) at national level

Enterprise Technical Center at provincial level

Credit AAA Enterprise

Shandong’s Top 100 Enterprises

National Honoring Contract and Standing Credit Enterprise

Shandong’s Top 100 Private Enterprises

China AAA Credit Enterprise

Shandong’s Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises

Chinese Credible Enterprise in Quality Service

Shandong’s Top 100 Industrial Enterprises

China Famous Brand

Shandong’s Top 200 Enterprises (Group)

China Five-star Enterprise

Dongying Civilized Unit 

Designated Manufacturing Enterprise for Special Commodity Needed

by National Minorities

Model Enterprise

of Shandong Manufacturing Industry Informatization

China’s Top 500 Enterprises

China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise

China’s Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises

Shandong Key Industrial Enterprise Group

China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises

Provincial “Honoring Contract and Standing Credit” Enterprise

China’s Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises

Shandong’s Top 100 Private Enterprises

China’s Top 500 Informatization Enterprises

Shandong Consumer Satisfaction Unit

China’s Top 500 Competitive Enterprises

Shandong Energy Conservation Advanced Enterprise

Forbes China Leading 100 Enterprises

Shandong Famous Brand Products

China’s Top 100 Credible Enterprises

Shandong Patent Award

China’s Top 100 Chemical Enterprises

Shandong’s Credible Enterprise

China’s Top 1000 Industrial Enterprises

Advanced Enterprise of Quality Management

China’s Famous Enterprise 

Model Enterprise of Dongying Fining Management for the first term

China Suppliers

Dongying Advanced Enterprise on Scientific and Technical Innovation

United Nations Industrial Development Organization China Investment

Dongying Harmonious Labor Relation Enterprise

Member Unit of Promoting Green Committee of Experts

Dongying Quality Award from the Mayor

China Rubber Industry Association Specialized Committee of Frame

Work Materials

The Certificate of Labor for Enriching People and Prospering

Shandong Evaluated by Shandong Province

Vice President Unit

Dongying Meritorious Enterprise