Arrange New Development


Glorious course

The past is history,Glory is being created

SNTON Group relies on region characteristics and industrial advantages and develops into one of China’s top 500 enterprises from an “unknown” construction enterprise. It goes through a great development history featured by “staring with labor service firstly, laying foundation by industry, developing to a higher level by technology,promoting soar by innovation, creating glory by scale and layout of new development”. It realizes beautiful transformation from single industry to industrial diversification development, technological leadership of leading industry and globalization of product service. 

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The predecessor of SNTON Group is a small water conservancy construction team which is composed of only dozens of people. At that time, it only engaged in farmland project construction including irrigation ditch, sluice and reservoir. 

In January 1987, it prepared to construct”Construction and Installation Company in Shengtuo Town Kenli County Dongying City”. It mainly developed civil construction project. Later, ti became a professional construction and service such as road building material.It reached Grade B construction qualification. In addition, ti formed integration system of construction and installation engineering. 

In 1987, it realized profit more than RMB 1 million. In the next year, the profit was increased to more than RMB 5 million. In 1990, the profit was more than RMB 13 million. It realized initial primitive accumulation of capital.



In 1990, with continuous development of market economy in China,the company enters industrial field.Relying on the situation of great development of oilfield, it started petrochemical project. It development a dozen series and hundreds of products successively through cooperating with scientific research institution such as oil drilling institute, oil production institute and China University of Petroleum.The business product was used for marketing every oil production plant of Shengli Oilfield and then it was expanded to every large oilfield in China successively. The company became the earliest “explorer” of combination of “industry, teaching and research” in local technology development. 

In 1992, the company established Shengbao Leather Co.,Ltd. through joint venture with Hong Kong. Shengbao Leather Co.,Ltd. became the first joint venture enterprise with Hong Kong in local leather industry



In terms of industrial development, Only relying on oilfield and chemical market cannot meet the requirement of group development. In 1995, the Group started new middle-high pressure composite glass pipeline project through multifaceted investigation and research-justification. For technology in place and reliable equipment, the test run was successful once on May 18. SNTON Hualu FRP pipes and tube as oil pipeline are sold well in every large oilfield. In the same year, “Dacheng Hydraulic Machinery Plant” was founded. Its main business includes hydraulic oil top and fittings for oilfield drilling and production. It lays a solid foundation for machinery industry in future.

In 1997, the Group established a joint-stock enterprise through launching method of establishment. Its name was changed to “Shandong SNTON Group CO.,Ltd.” From now on, the Group steps in a road of “seeking for development by technology”.


In the 21st century,knowledge economy era comes indeed. Independent development and innovation as boosting agent of enterprise development plays an increasingly important

role.As”phosphate banned”voice in the world becomes increasingly louder and China strengthens attention to environmental protection,in 2001,the Group aimed at high-tech project and organized technicians to implement tackling. It developed new non-phosphorus builder independently-layered crystal sodium disilicate.It overcame the technical problems in the world. Its technical level was in the lead in the world.The Group invested RMB 120 million and completed 50000T/year production scale. In 2003,it was determined as “National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project”by National Development and Reform Commission. It became “the largest phosphorus free washing assistant development an production base nationwide”.Furthermore,it became the main drafting unit of national standard for such product and led technical development in the industry.In April 2003,the Group was identified as “Key High-tech Enterprise in National Torch Plan”by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.


       In the development of hi-tech industry,the Group has formed a certain technical strength and accumulated much development experience. In 2003,the Group invested 1.2 billion to develop the ever-biggest industrial project-steel cord used for radial tire,leading the world with the most advanced technology.At the end of 2006,the Group established the China-Korea Joint Venture Shandong Fusuo Machinery Co.,Ltd.which is professional in manufacturing the complete equipment of steel cord and its accessories;together with the project of steel spool in industrial chain,the Group has formed the metal works industrial chain dominated by steel cord and further promoted its core competitiveness. 

Through development, the scale,technology and strength on the main industrial chain of steel cord are synchronously enhanced;the Group successively established the First Factory dominated by traditional steel cord products,the Second Factory dominated by precise steel wire products and the Third Factory dominated by high-grade,precise and advanced steel wire products;in 2014,the Group completed the entire scale of annual production of 400,000 tons,leading the industry in the worldwide with its comprehensive strength,and became one of Three Giants in the global steel cord industry.In August 2005,the Group took part in real estate industry,and up to now,SNTON Real Estate has developed an area of nearly 2 million square meters, providing livable and ideal residence for an accumulated number of more than 6000 households.


       SNTON has established the new mode of One Body Two Wings and All Sided Development and been insisted on the simultaneous development of traditional industry and emerging industry.New materials industry is an advantage for SNTON to break into high technology field;

Innovates in the development,improves in the innovation,and centers on the four industries dominated by metal works industry,new materials industry,chemical industry and real estate industry,SNTON speeds up to create the industrial cluster of traditional industry and emerging industry and vigorously promotes the construction of SNTON Hi-Tech New Materials Industry Zone ,the Metal Works Industrial Zone dominated by steel cord project and the Chemical Industrial Zone dominated by co-production project,forming the powerful supporting for SNTON industry and creating new brilliance for the development.