Metal Industry


The wolrd's second largest steel production base

Founded in October, 2003, invested and constructed by Shandong SNTON Group, Shandong SNTON Steel Cord Co., Ltd. is a professional steel cord research and development company. Holding the principles of striving for excellence, keeping the promises and serving the customers, SNTON Steel Cord takes dedication, harmony and innovation as the core of company cultural concept and sets the objective to pursue perfection and be the high-class company in its industry. Wholeheartedly provides high quality products and services for the general customers.

As one of the “Big Three” in the global industry, SNTON Steel Cord holds a dominant status in the global market. It specializes in the production of steel cord for radial tire and so far has established the first plant centered on traditional steel cord products, the second plant mainly with accurate steel cord and the third plant centered on high-end special steel cord, forming the processing and manufacturing base of SNTON high-tech metal products. The annual production capacity of the SNTON Steel Cord reaches 400,000 tons, with 340,000 tons of steel cord and 60,000 tons of bead wire.

SNTON Steel Cord is in the international leading position on the comprehensive levels such as production scale, product development and technology strength. It is the top supplier of the world’s well-known tire enterprises including Michelin, Goodyear, Hankook, Bridgestone, Kumho, Yokohama, Sumitomo, Apollo, Zhongce, Triangle, Double Coin, South China Rubber and Giti.

SNTON Steel Cord has passed ISO9001, 14001, OHS18001 and TS16949 management system certification, and its laboratory has passed “International Laboratory”, which is the ISO17025 international calibration and accreditation. The company has earned the sole title of “China Suppliers” “China’s Famous Enterprise” and “Model Unit of CCECS” in the domestic steel cord industry.

SNTON’s steel cord manufacturing adopts advanced manufacturing technique and excellent technical equipment which provides powerful guarantee for producing high-quality steel cord. SNTON steel cord company insists in manufacturing steel cord with self-dependent innovation and credit management. It is trying efforts to make its industries more refined, stronger and larger, forging excellent enterprise with powerful, comprehensive competitive strengths.


intelligent manufacturing

The key of efficient and convenient manufacturing industry is the perfect combination of information and automation. SNTON steel cord forges intelligent factory in the beginning by exceptional tenacity, and synchronizes with the world. Construct the pyramid informationized and automatic production management system by using advanced, complete production equipment and professional informatization management and operation team, from infrastructure support to manufacturing execution to operation management. 

Innovative operation

The operation management system for informatization and automation for SNTON steel cord is based on equipment management system of producing and manufacturing execution with QR code, customer relation management, cost management, and SPC process control with real-time collection. Product life cycle, supply chain management platform and automatic consignment can comprehensively and efficiently monitor various operating data in manufacturing shop for automatic consignment management, supply chain management, equipment management, and energy management. It makes checks at all levels and has rigor monitoring from purchasing, management, and producing to leaving factory. It grips the opportunity in age by winning management mode step by step.

Science and technology guide

Producing and manufacturing system of SNTON steel cord takes advantage of the seamless joint of steel cord ERP management system and MES system to realize reasonable planning integration scheme of the complete set of intelligent production, storage and logistics facilities. MES system with QR code includes basic information management, product code management, sales management, production arrangement, allocation of products, management of delivery, surplus management, quality management, and process management to input various parameter of product materials into EMS system with QR system. It has thewhole-process monitor for raw material, finished product, product standard list and machinery equipment. The collection of equipment data and SPC system become the integration of intelligent automation operation mechanism for management, prevention, self-inspection in the whole process of production line equipment, automatic logistics and aging three-dimensional store through monitoring, inspection, analysis, trace of the process for workshop production, field operation, experiment, standard information entry and system management. The automatic three-dimensional store in packing room (aging store + automatic detection can realize the automatic detection for tall and contortion of steel cord + articulated robot makes container allocating automatically according to customer’s standard) + automatic packing which provide the production pack with solid automatic technical support. It concludes the equipment management software, production electric real-time monitoring, energy saving system, lighting energy saving and photovoltaic power generation. SNTON steel cord leads industrial intelligent internet and the new development direction by the persistent creative spirit.

Successful cornerstone

It includes Local area network across factory, wireless local area network, real-time data acquisition and information safety, mail system, OA, and large-size screen monitors. Depending on good technical innovation, SNTON steel cord realizes informatized and automatic industrial construction to show its perfect quality and management in the game of global market. SNTON steel cord informatization and automatic production management system forge industrial manufacture dream and intelligent age of factory by unlimited creative value.


SNTON machine manufacturing

SNTON Machinery Manufacturing integrates technology, research and development into market exploiting ability, specializing in the manufacturing of spool and components with an annual production of 1 million sets of spool. It will mainly be applied to the industry of steel cord, wire and rope products. Meanwhile SNTON Machinery Manufacturing vigorously develops external market and the products such as petroleum equipment mechanical parts, broadening the market coverage on mechanical products.


Sino-Korea Joint Venture  Fusuo Machinery 

Fusuo machinery is the joint-ventured construction of Shandong SNTON Group and Korean Fusuo joint-stock company, which professionally produces steel cord equipment and parts, such as double strander, wet drawing machine, wrapping machine and so on. The annual output is more than 300 sets, and processing and installing parts are 10,000 sets with processing and installing capability for thousand kinds of parts. Its automatic degree of the project is high, and production selling network covers the whole nation and gradually extend to global market.


SNTON electric equipment

Senton electric equipment mainly adopts, designs, produces and manufacture various electric equipment, such as oil-immersed transformer, transformer with combined type, H-level dry type transformer with set of cabinet with high pressure and low level, transformer substation with preassemble, and electrical machine and so on, and involves in large-scale business system, such as the production, sale, installment and construction of electric equipment as a whole. The production faces with social electric market and nationwide oil industry.