New Materials Industry


Shandong SNTON Optical Material Technology Co., Ltd

The subordinate company of SNTON Group (one of China’s top 500 enterprises) --- Shandong SNTON Optical Materials Technology Co., Ltd is built a brand new high-end production platform of optical materials in China. It takes the lead in using global advanced technology, owning multinational equipments, such as Germany, America, Japan and Korea and so on, establishing the most advanced, high-end optical film producing line; the company realized the complementary advantages of project, technology and talents. It makes proper contribution to changing the condition that optical basilemma relies on import, breaking through global technical monopoly, and reshaping the industry landscape.


Create a super-strong R&D team and cutting-edge technological core, and lead Chinese optical material industry in advance.

High-standard workshop adopts the most advanced air cleaning system at present: 100-level in core area which reached and satisfied related industry’s high clean demand for product function in the future ten years. The complete management system and international industrial identification, rigorous collaborative execution, world-class production equipments, advanced, complete inspection equipment, and comprehensive process control all provide the substantial guarantee for molding perfect products.

International advanced online coating process contains the related recipe with high-end optical film; particular melt filtration ultra-clean cleaning technology solved the international difficult problems like foreign particle residual etc. ; unique control technology of “molecule angle” and special vertical, crosswise stretch ensured the terrific combination property for products; excellent de-dusting, “owe point” online detected post treatment equipment can avoid secondary damage and pollution for products; Combined electrostatic discharging, de-dusting and special slitting technology can ensure dust-free, no scratch and no interfacial slip for finished products.

Products direction and market target

SNTON polyester optical basilemma can used in six high functional areas, such as panel display, protective film, in-mold decoration technology, touch screen, electromagnetic shielding film, and glass films and so on, by its super-strong optics, thermal arrest, mechanical property and comprehensive process applicability; as present, the products already enter in high-end application market with size of batch, such as Japan and South Korea, Europe and America, and Taiwan and so on, and generally accepted by the whole industry. In the future, with the further application of new type in online coating technology and Nanotechnology, it will have wider prospect and long vitality. Professional quality, excellent performance will create more value for industrial down-stream products, and expand development space. Prospect technology and lead the better future! Snon Group will devote to global optical material industry development with passion, contribution, insistence and endeavor; serve for global customers by using high-end products, brand new innovation and international thought.


In the preliminary term of SNTON optical technology, it set the goal of world famous brand in forging optical material. After the investigation of global advanced optical material brand, it took the lead in bringing out three subordinate brands: Shanyi, Caldwell, and Hubble. Every brand has dependent development space and brand mission. The creation of independent brand has historical meaning for SNTON optical technology in the complementation of branding strategy.


Broad application fields


Base film for diffusion film,brightness enhancement film and reflective film in panel display filed;

For example,PC,TV,IPAD,mobile phone,car-mounted multimedia and other display terminals.

Base film of different protective film;
For example,protective materials used in processing of various electronics.

Base film dedicated for in-mold decoration(IMD);
For example,automotive trim,furniture appearance,and surface finish of various small household appliances.


Base film dedicated for touch screen(ITO);

For example,smart phone ,car-mounted multimedia or navigation system,touch screen TV,IPAD,and various handheld terminals.

Base film dedicated for glass film;
For example,automotive glass film,bullet-proof glass,architectural glass film,and glass film for agriculture and flowers-dedicated intelligent green house.

Base film dedicated for electromagnetic shielding film;
For example,a variety of electromagnetic shielding films applicable to chips of different credit cards,lot-dedicated radio frequency identification(RFID),as well as civil,aerial and military projects.