Fine Chemical Engineering Industry


The creative and manufacturing base for high-end, fine chemical engineering 

As important brace for SNTON development, chemical engineering already accumulated the abundant foundation of fine chemical engineering and petrochemical engineering projects since 1990s. In 2011, SNTON chemical engineering passed through ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. In 2003, it got the title of “demonstration project of national high and new technology industry”, endowed by National Development and Reform Commission, and it is also the manufacturing enterprise with fixed site needed by nationwide minority. The high-end fine chemical works projects through planning and construction adopts global advanced manufacturing technique to develop and produce high value-added fine chemical engineering down-stream product, continuously strengthens the strength of chemical engineering industry, causes creative and manufacturing base of high-end fine chemical engineering , and realizes group’s new development for fine chemical engineering industry.

We will continuously move forward by relying on creative and technological strength to make energy to bring more benefits to people. For this faith, we never stop and never satisfy the performance we got. We continuously learn from experiences and improve the safety standards in the productive process. Meanwhile, we also put our energy into ensuring people’s safety of life environment to make homeland better.

Quicken transposition    strengthen    chemical engineering industry

The company combines the self-development of chemical engineering industry and the fact of excessive production of refining and chemical capacity, and embrace refining development trend of chemical industry to quicken the pattern transformation and the structure and pace adjustment. Develop deep processing area of downstream petrochemical project in fine chemical industrial park, and invest and construct chemical cogeneration projects, aim at high-grade, precision and advanced products, research, develop and produce high value-added, high-end fine chemical proucts, and continuously strengthen the chemical engineering industry to form another support of powerful, traditional industry for SNTON.