Construction and installation


         The predecessor of SNTON  Group is a small-scale building group which only has tens of people and only works on farmland engineering construction, like irrigation ditch, water gate, and impounding reservoir and so on. In Jan. 1987, it prepared to establish “Construction and Installation Company in Shengtuo Village, Kenli Country, Dongying City”, which mainly develops civil construction project, later on, gradually becomes a professional construction and installation team, working on a series of constructions and services, such as build the road and bridge, pipe installation, civil engineering, and construction and building materials, reached B-grade building qualification and formed integrated system of Jian’an engineering.

     After nearly 30-year development and innovation, now SNTON Jian’an already becomes the comprehensive enterprise which regards building industry as leader, and “one industry as principal matter, many industries develop simultaneously”, integrate building, decoration and fitment, municipal administration, metal doors and windows, installation of electromechanical device, and heat preservation and anticorrosion as the whole.

       At present, SNTON  Jian’an owns building construction engineering with second level, municipal public engineering with second level, decoration project with second level, anticorrosion and heat preservation project with second level, and electromechanical device installation project with second level qualification. It mainly hire of work: civil building engineering with big and middle industry, all kinds of urban roads, bridge, water supply engineering, sewage treatment project, medium and large rainwater, sewage pumping station, kinds of sewage pumping station engineering, domestic rubbish disposal engineering, tunneling engineering and underground traffic engineering, rigid pavement for urban square and surface parking, the engineering construction for power distributing station under or equal to ten kilovolts, decoration project inside and outside the building room, and service and consulting business.