International Trade


SNTON Import & Export Company

Founded in 1999, SNTON Import & Export Company was mainly engaged in processing imported materials and the three-processing and once compensation business. Presently, the company is exporting chemical products such as furfural and textile articles including white sheeting, dyed fabric, greige cloth and batch towel, as a leading power to support SNTON going abroad and gearing to international market. With stable partnership with numerous domestic and foreign customers, the company sells its products to USA, Singapore, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Russia and other countries and regions. 


Hong Kong Ruishang International Trade

Hong Kong Ruishang International Trade Co., Ltd is responsible for operating and selling steel cord, metallic machinery products, glass fiber reinforced plastics, electrical equipment, BOPET optical film, MMA, MTBE, mixed butane, heavy components, MEK, absolute ethyl alcohol and other chemical products. At the same time, it also operates import and export business of fuel oil, steel, and metals including copper, iron, aluminum and zinc. In Oct. 2014, the company obtained Enterprise Overseas Investment Certificate issued by Department of Commerce of Shandong Province.

Global marketing

Up to 2015, SNTON Group has built solid partnership with more than 1,000 customers, with products sold to more than countries and regions such as USA, Singapore, Bangladesh, The United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Russia.