Brand Culture


Sincerity creates the bright future

With passion and contribution, SNTON creates the quality of “sincerity”; with innovation and insistence, SNTON seals the charming of “harmoniousness”. The 30 years brings a great change to the world. “Change” is the footstone of enterprises’ existence, while the sincerity in SNTON people’s heart will never change, and so will the SNTON spirit! Since its establishment 30 years ago, SNTON has become innovative and diversified development from the simplified labor service enterprise; lead the industry forefront with independent research and technology innovation from the traditional manufacturing. SNTON creates the glorious inheritance with 30 years struggle and achieve the honor the China Top 500 enterprises.

Progression is originated  from the leading industrial sense of mission.

The 30-year industrious cultivation achieves the new SNTON inheritance. And now the “two wings” development of both entity industries and capital operation and the integrated progress of the four main industries which are metal industry, new material industry, fine chemical engineering industry and financial investment, lead the marching of the internationalization.

Spanning manifests forward-looking brand development strategy.

       SNTON  steel cord, the rudiment of industry 4.0 in global steel cord industry development, makes intelligent factory to synchronize the world. As high-end optical film production base with Chinese panel display, SNTON  optical technology own global unique new material smart production line; its capital operation, international trade, financial investment business expand to all over the world, and make contribution to the speed and process of globalization for SNTON .

Sincerity is the inherent spirit of SNTON people, especially its harmonious, win-win and broad mind.

SNTON insistently contributes to industrial development, constantly opens international market by “made in SNTON”, and deliver unlimited sincerity to the every corner of the world. It establishes partnership with many famous brands, such as Coca-Cola, Amcor, Michelin, Bridgestone, Apollo, and Kumho Tire and so on. All these provide motivation for SNTON spirit integrated in international configuration and global vision. 

Global roads, SNTON people delivered sincerity which is originated from insistent 30-year dream of starting a business.

Forward ways, SNTON people step them over constantly which is originated from persistent 30-year core value.

“SNTON Group, Unlimited Sincerity”, the changeless quality of SNTON people is originated from 30-year efforts and powerful sound: “strength creates value, and achievements guarantee SNTON’s century-winning work!”