Social Responsibility



      Create employment

SNTON group holds recruitment activity in each university every year, and creates employment for more students in universities and technology colleges. Until now, it already accumulates direct employments more than 5,000 people. 



      Concern and love employees

SNTON Group makes effort to create fine development prospect, broad personal development platform,superior material benefits, excellent corporate culture, and career planning for employees. At the same time,it takes advantage of its own condition provided employees with welfare house with lower price than market price to solve employees’ troubles at home.


      Pay taxes honestly

As the excellent representatives of Chinese private enterprises,SNTON Group constantly enhances financial management.When its sale and income have rapid growth, the tax amount gets stable promotion.                                                                                                 



      Enthusiasm for public benefit

With the increasing development of the enterprise,SNTON people remember to make contribution to society.It actively participates in social and public welfare undertakings, such as donating money for school, relieving the people in disaster, and poverty alleviation and so on.It tries to undertake social responsibility, and its accumulative total over the years is more than 50,000,000 RMB.


      Green and environmental protection

SNTON Group always insists the principle of green, environmental protection,and harmonious development with environment.


      Cultural activity

SNTON Group strives to use recreational and sports activities with multi-forms to cultivate, model, and unite employees.It invests and builds staff activity center with high standard including many projects, such as reading room, table tennis room, billiard parlor, and basketball court and so on,creating fine environment of work, learning, and life for employees